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Use this page to signup for our Silver packaged service. This is a twelve month minimum contract with no up-front cost. Your subscription will be billed monthly.

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Gold Monthly Subscription

To setup your Gold Geek Tech Create account please use the links in this section. The links in this section will take you to our secure on-line subscription forms; these forms will allow you to enter your details and have your chosen subscription activated on-line.

There is a MINIMUM 12 month period for this account. This means that you will be billed monthly for a minimum of twelve months. Following the completion of the first twelve months you will then be able to terminate the contract by contacting us. Please pay for any add-on packages that you wish to purchase by using the separate associated buttons below.

Add-on Website Packages

We offer a number of service packages designed to help both small businesses and those with a bigger budget looking for full service management. We have a team of experts who will be happy to assist at any time if you have questions or need advice.

Image Package

This package provides for us to source appropriate digital imagery / photography for your website. We should normally do this using stock library image content. This includes up-to twenty separate images. All images supplied will be in high resolution format and properly licensed to your site. You will be free to use all imagery supplied for marketing and Social Media as well as on your website. This service is applicable to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum website services

This service is applicable to all packages. We will research the best images for your website based upon your brief. We will then undertake editing and appropriate processing to ensure that the imagery both fits in visually with your site and sled performs correctly from a load speed and SEO point of view.

Migration Package

If you have an existing website that you wish to transition across to one of our Packages Website Services then this add-on will allow us to undertake a migration of the content across to your new website on our service. This will include moving all text and imagery across to your new site as well as implementing appropriate 301 redirects to ensure that your existing search engine rankings are maintained. We will also assist in the updating of your existing content to ensure that when used on your new site it will be seen as updated / new content by the major search engines.This service is suitable for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum website services.

This service allows you to move your existing website across to our service and leave all the technical issues of the migration up to us. Moving to one off our services will give your website an instant performance increase and greatly help you build a successful SEO strategy, while maintaining any search engine rankings that you currently have.

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